For this project, I have already started a sketchbook and made another yesterday out of plain paper. In the first main sketchbook, I wrote some notes and stuck in parts of a painting I did.

I really want to explore collaging as a starting point. Whether this be with word, images, photographs or my work. I could even go down the route of video collages, creating an image made up of lots of little moving fragments, Gifs.

When researching this online, I came across Luca Mainini.

Her digital collages strike me as very feminine, with consistent themes of heteronormative beauty. She maintains a light, bright and cheery atmosphere. They are pleasant and easy on the eye, with the exception of a few more complex and busy ones.

I really enjoy the simplicity and visual satisfaction these moving images create. This is something I will explore, using both found imagery and my own. I am familiar with Gifs and creating them since I have done it for other projects, and so can explore this further.


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