Last Friday (26th of January), I had a book arts induction. This workshop was part 2, but I missed the other one because I was sick, but I was told that I didn’t miss much that wouldn’t be covered in this session. I learnt 2 different binding techniques, and how to use some of the machinery. I produced 2 books in the session, one using a basic Japanese stab sewing method:

And a French link stitch:

I did a sewing and it went ok!!!!!!!!! The first book was a simple make holes and thread through them all together, whereas the second book required different sections of folded paper, stitched together, glued and stuck a cover on. We used scrap materials as the covers for both the books. I am super happy and proud of what I have produced, this experience has opened by eyes to the world of book binding, which is more relevant to me then ever due to my current projects, and I really want to do more book binding in the future.

I have already started using the bigger book as a sketchbook, and it gives me a wonderful feeling knowing that I made it.

However, I still do not know how to tie off thread………… I live a simple life

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