A new direction?

After the last bulk of work I did, I was a bit puzzled about the direction I was heading. I then started making images again regardless (a good habit I have). Similar to how I started the previous stuffs, I started by creating a ‘sketchbook’ with A4 paper and a stapler.

Above are a few photos of some of the pages. It started off with the idea of mishearing things. What is said, and what is heard. I also played around with the meanings of certain words which sound the same, like pear and pair. It then headed a direction of making up my own slang and phrases. Its funny because the other day I wrote my own saying down on my phone which I thought of while eating some toast.. ‘you the old saying: if there’s butter on your face its in the wrong place’. I also tried to make up my own cockney rhyming slang: foot in the door – whore, hair on the chin – gin… but this wasn’t as successful. I then started to work on separate sheets of paper.

I carried on creating nonsensical phrases and sayings, which was very fun. I then started doing something else and realised the connections I had made and so will explain that first.

My friend gave me this book because she thought I’d appreciate it (and she was very right)

The book contains questions asked to children and their responses. They really tickle me.

I created these ‘if your child draws like this=’ and then a meaning underneath an image. I created a few blank because I thought I could re-use some of the piles of images I created earlier in the project.

I then wrote some sense on the digital world and make it different every time.

blah blah blah words explanation meaning blah blah

I then did some words and had an idea to place them on the scanner and print them. Since I could not see the words through the paper, I then started to mix and ruffle them up to create strange phrases..

So far, this project has happened in 3 large chunks. I had an idea to make a zine/booklet with images and compositions from all 3 chunks, which will all together make no sense, yet alone.


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