Kirsten Lepore

One evening a few weeks ago, I needed to urinate. And so, I put on my dressing gown and went downstairs. When I reached the living area, I encountered Harry Cole watching a strange video. I was instantly intrigued and captivated by its nature. He had stumbled across it while scrolling through his Facebook news feed. I must admit, after watching it for a few seconds, I almost relieved myself there and then. After briskly doing a massive slash, I sat and watched the whole video. Here it is:

I love pretty much everything about it. Its aesthetic, politeness, and general flattery. Not to mention the processes involved with creating it. It tickled me just right.

I then researched who made it, and subsequently fell deeply in love with Kirsten Lepore. Here are some of her other works which I adore with my whole being, especially this first one..

She even worked with the creators of Adventure Time to create an episode which can be watched here:

(could not embed it for some reason)

The making of video is equally as captivating:

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