Thursday 13th October 2013

Amongst other artists, I was directed towards the work of Jonathan Meese.At first glance, I instantly fell into his complex and hypnotic paintings and drawings, becoming captivated by their sheer chaos and expressive nature. I adore his use of colour and text, which are seemingly layered upon each other creating a bold fabric of spontaneity. His dramatic abstract  fiction creates underlying melancholic tones, featuring creatures and faces emerging from the depths of his own precision and lunacy. Some of Meese’s pieces remind me of work by NECKFACE and Basquiat due to the bold outlines of characters, facial features, and colour palette.


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Jonathan Meese (born January 23, 1970) is a German paintersculptorperformance artist and installation artist based in Berlin and Hamburg. Meese’s (often multi-media) works include collages, drawings and writing. He also designs theater sets and wrote and starred in a play, “De Frau: Dr. Poundaddylein – Dr. Ezodysseusszeusuzur” in 2007 at the Volksbühne Theater.


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