Sunday 23rd October 2016

When researching for artists which my chosen concept could apply to, I came across the work of Don Kenn. In the past, people have looked through my sketchbook and recommended Kenn to me as someone I’d probably like, so I am mildly familiar with his sticky-note drawings, but I have never studied him in depth.

Danish artist John Kenn Mortensen (also known as Don Kenn) writes and directs television shows for kids, but during his free time he pays tribute to the darker, spookier side of childhood filled with monsters and ghosts. Ugly, terrifying and bone-chilling monsters creep out of the darkest childhood nightmares and right into Kenn’s sticky notes. That’s right – the artist draws his highly imaginative little scenarios, where kids meet ghastly monsters, entirely on yellow post-its. In this context, the creativity and intricacy of these little drawings truly leaves one in awe.

I feel he is a good artist to study for this project as he draws fiction. He creates scenarios and new worlds and characters, which is exactly what I am doing. I feel my work relates to Kenn both conceptually and visually to an extent. He uses visual language similar to that in my work, including use of line, size and mediums. His ability to create a small, sticky-note sized widows into an alternate reality is inspiring.


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