I have been editing the intro more as I have not yet recorded any more footage, getting to grips with Premier Pro relatively well. The initial plan was to record using my old handheld video camera because I love the quality and footage it produces, however I’ve been using my Pentax K-30 as the lens I have can record much wider than the video camera, which makes physically setting up and shooting in my room much easier. However, I have been editing the intro in a specific way.. and I do quite like it at the moment..

There is still more that needs tweaking and more I want to do with it, but things are going ok, I just need to record the next segments.

mañifést õh

I have filmed some things following my plan of jumping straight into it! Below are photos I took showing the process of making the clip, including a screen cap of editing in Adobe Premier Pro, which I feel like I understand the basics of now.

The intro:

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome it took quite a while to record and edit, but it still isn’t finished yet. I was thinking of adding audio recordings of my voice reading out the letters phonically over the top, maybe editing it a bit visually? I don’t know. But I got the basis down which I am pleased about.

manifest oh!

So I’ve been channeling my mind powers onto getting this self initiated project done.

Since I established that I wanted to create a video, progress has been slow as I would have an idea and execute it by recording but then be at a loss as to what to do from there/ how to work with the footage other than making a short video, which doesn’t really achieve what I want. So I have come up with a plan.

The last few projects including this one have taught me a great deal about how I work, which I think is important. They’ve allowed me to have a better understanding of the stages I go through, and reasons why I get stuck. Particularly the vertical project (was quite a long time ago but still) showed me this strange process of having an idea and just going with it. Often I’d have an idea, work a bit more, have more ideas, continue working and have more, by the end of it I have a large body of work, each with independent ideas which I haven’t taken forward very far before dropping them and moving on. So, for this project, I’m adopting this mentality to finish it.

I had an idea about the intro, now that I have a title, and it consists of stickynotes, something which has been a large contributing factor so far. While I was writing out and storyboarding what I was going to film, as I want to be precise instead of liberal so I don’t get overwhelmed with all the freedom and things I could do, I had an idea. My stupid silly idea was to present the entire piece (minus the intro) through the expression of my eyebrows. After writing this idea down, I told myself that we’re going to do it. The specifics may change along the way, but this is the overall idea that I am going to stick to.

I think this format reflects what I want it to about how I work. I have ideas, tonnes of ideas, not all of them good, most of them silly, but ideas nevertheless. And I know that I will get stuck and not develop this project anytime soon if I do not just jump at it and run, which is something this project especially has made me realise (what a good project).

I am also considering sound, largely phonics and some music. But that’s a whole new chapter of editing, for now I am going to focus on realising what I want to film and doing it.

manifest oh

yeah its summer, I’ve done some stuff.. but not that much for this project.. I do hope to end up with a video.. at some point.  look at this what i did do

While writing out the postit notes, I wrote this phrase and upon reviewing things written, I rather liked it so I took it further by writing it out a few times differently in my smaller sketchbook, and then scanned and edited a version which I liked the most. I think this could work well as a print or even on a t-shirt. When live tracing it on Illustrator, I selected the colour mode but limited it to 2 colours, and these were the colours. A slightly off black (soft grey) and a pale red, which I also really like. I think that this process in itself kinda feeds into the way I work in general, which is what the project is all about. Things happen and sometimes I just let them, I utilise fate within the constructs of illustration.



holy moly i was looking over this post and i’ve decided that the title ‘manifest oh’ is a great title for the project/outcome 😀

m a n i f e s t o

I’ve been working on this project as well as the given level 5 summer project.

So far I have been still exploring different concepts and ways of presenting the manifesto. I have been filming things, and this is something I made..

I have more footage to edit and collate into a video. I think I might have reached a staple processes in which I follow, it is in the form of a list of commands:

  • have a thought
  • have an idea
  • take it to town
  • imagine it naked
  • cook it dinner
  • stare at it while it sleeps
  • wrestle it to the ground
  • burry it in the garden
  • water it
  • love it
  • watch it grow
  • move on

I am pleased with this beautiful list and am now thinking about how to visually represent it in the medium of video. Making a story board is the first step, getting ideas for scenarios down. I want to maintain a feel of idiocy and wit, perhaps looking in the direction of Spike Milligan’s tv shows.


I did some recordings and made this short video. I used Adobe Premiere Pro, new software to me.

I am quite proud of this video. It allowed me to test out new software for editing videos, and decide how I want the video to look. I did not use a tripod for this recording.. I will use one for future recordings and try to get more angles/ interesting angles. Quite like the music overlaid, I didn’t want any complex sounds or vocals as it would distract from the video, but I was thinking of making audio tracks. Possibly digitally spoken versions of things written in my sketchbooks for this project.

Personal Made Public

We were set this project on Tuesday the 2nd May, and it had two different options to choose from. I chose to go with the first one, which is asking me to create my own brief and project. The brief had to relate to me personally, exploring what is personal work, what makes it personal, does it reflect my personality/thoughts/ curiosities/ interests/ aspirations etc. And so, I wrote my brief:

Manifesto of the self

An executed manifestation of personal philosophies. 

Manifestos have been used all throughout history as a collection of ideals within themes of art, literature, politics etc. They explain the baseline and beliefs of a specific organisation/ group/ person.

Brief: To delve deep into the structures of the self in context to creativity and producing work, and use this information to create a personal manifesto with the point of explaining/presenting creative thought processes exploring themes such as:

  • Motivations
  • Reasons
  • Advice
  • Ideals
  • Processes
  • Rules
  • Logics
  • Inspirations
  • Methods

It can exist as an educational insight or as an instructional guide.

It should take the form of a written list, sequential imagery, a book/zine, or a film.

I left the brief instructional but relatively vague as I wanted to not entirely restrict myself, but still have direction. After writing the brief I started a new sketchbook and began questioning pretty much every aspect of my thought and creative processes. Wow, not as easy as it sounds. As you can imagine, the work completed for this project is largely written and I enjoy this. I’ve been experimenting/playing around with holding the pen/utensil in different ways to create different marks/text. Similar to illustrations, I enjoy the naive, accidental and uncomfortable aesthetic look to text. And so changing hand posture to something quite awkward and detrimental is very enjoyable. I feel it also adds to the words, potentially enabling more meaning to be taken from them. (This in itself is an example of a personal way of working.)

Extracts from my sketchbook:

  • shut up but don’t always
  • laugh at the unattainable
  • kiss things because you like them
  • compulsiveness
  • baked beans?
  • write down your thoughts so you can laugh at yourself later
  • do things wrong on purpose
  • absorb information, let it ooze out
  • let it fall to the floor then kick it about a bit
  • do things (but also don’t)
  • small victories are important
  • go out into the world but also come back in
  • do things with certainty but sometimes without
  • do things quickly but not always
  • do things without thinking sometimes
  • be awake but also sleep
  • enjoy the primitive
  • asbestos children
  • exist within parallels

This list could almost go on for the rest of the entire moon.

I came to a few conclusions while exploring reasons behind the things which I done and do and did. A lot of what I wrote was naturally contradictory. Do something but don’t. I also realised I used sticky notes quite a bit. This was largely because I have them on my desk and  grab them to write down something before it escapes my conscious mind forever.

I had a tutorial yesterday, and we spoke about potentially creating a video. It would incorporate the sticky notes and the text, even imagery. This was coincidental brilliance as during a trip home, I found my old video camera from over 7 years ago. It is pretty snaz and I brought it back to Brighton with intention of using it for work. We spoke about creating something which would almost act as a documentary, the outcome would be the process. Going back to the idea of a manifesto, it is usually a distilled and ordered presentation of intentions/ rules/ aims. The video could reflect this order through disorder. Offering a true insight into the inner workings of my mind.

I am enjoying the direction I am heading as I did feel a bit stuck, uncertain what my outcome would be, but the tutorial allowed me to go over what I had already done and pick at it, taking elements of it forward. This is something which is obvious, but I struggle with sometimes.

Semiotics Crit

As my final outcomes for this project I used the images I had and created a digital collage, but I feel like the project works as a body of work rather then a beginning middle and end. Anyway here are the collages I made:

I prefer the first image, but wanted to create another one after. I did not follow my usual steps and techniques when creating these digital collages. Normally, after scanning the images, I would vectorise them. However, I did not do this, and worked directly with the scanned images. I also took a relaxed approach to cropping the removing the backgrounds of certain pieces of image, often leaving fuzzy white lines around images. I liberally stretched and manipulated the images also, not concerned with correct ratios. All in all I am pleased with what I have created. They present a lack of order with levels of chaos, something quite absurd some would say.

I also had a play with the being drawing and ink drawings:

I mainly created these compositions as a follow up of brief ideas, but I actually rather like them. I was experimenting with meaning. Kind of. I enjoy how after seeing the image of the being with an outline and ink on the inside, looking at the same image but without the outline, the viewer can understand what the image is of. There is enough information communicated for them to visualise and understand it with it still being just an inky mass. Interesting.

This morning I had the crit for this project and this is some of the noted feedback I received:

  • Meaning from process
  • “Art is what makes life more interesting than art” – Robert Filliou
  • Why stop here? Keep going, snowball out of control and play more! New sizes, matierals
  • Push your processes, involve other people, use outside sources for markmaking etc
  • Relate your work together to create new products
  • Look at interiors of packaging for new formats
  • Find stuff at a car boot sale/skip

I feel my crit went ok considering how little control and bearing I feel I have had over this project. I was encouraged to think more about the processes of how I make images instead of the outcome, which is something I agree with entirely. To find new materials and use scale. To use ready made objects, doors, walls, windows etc, and use new methods to create marks. It was emphasised that I have a good work ethic and speed, I can create confident compositions and marks purely from my imagination. And to evolve this further, I need to start experimenting with process and materials. To which I say yes.




The project is nearly due and I’m still floating around in a mist of uncertainty about my final outcome. After discussions with tutors, I am almost in an editorial stage. I have produced a vast quantity of work, and now I should pause and overview it (with celebration and happiness). I’m homing in on specific works that I like, and pinpointing what it is I like about them. I’m then letting this essentially guide me towards something.. .. ….. .. .. .  ……. ..

I feel like I have partially let myself down an ounce because this project is exactly me, however I have felt pretty lost all throughout it.

wwweeeee woooooooeeeeeooowwww wew wew ewwwweeewewer

I made a pile of the images which I like the mostest, and I have scanned some of them onto the electro-machine for editing. I plan to just mess about with them, since I have essentially done the ‘hard’ work of actually generating the images, now I just need to fine-tune and pick-over them? wah, hopefully I will have a fabbo idea.

With a chat with one of my lecturers, we spoke of sequential imagery. How the order of things creates and changes meaning. Specifically with the drawing of a being and some ink drawings. The atmosphere and events can be changed with a simple rotation of image. This might be something which I explore next.

I really do enjoy my ink drawings, and so opened them onto Photoshop to play about with. When I inverted them something beautiful happened:

they became almost planetary. I think composition is something which I am going to take into consideration for creating some final images. That and meaning, possibly text/type.


A new direction?

After the last bulk of work I did, I was a bit puzzled about the direction I was heading. I then started making images again regardless (a good habit I have). Similar to how I started the previous stuffs, I started by creating a ‘sketchbook’ with A4 paper and a stapler.

Above are a few photos of some of the pages. It started off with the idea of mishearing things. What is said, and what is heard. I also played around with the meanings of certain words which sound the same, like pear and pair. It then headed a direction of making up my own slang and phrases. Its funny because the other day I wrote my own saying down on my phone which I thought of while eating some toast.. ‘you the old saying: if there’s butter on your face its in the wrong place’. I also tried to make up my own cockney rhyming slang: foot in the door – whore, hair on the chin – gin… but this wasn’t as successful. I then started to work on separate sheets of paper.

I carried on creating nonsensical phrases and sayings, which was very fun. I then started doing something else and realised the connections I had made and so will explain that first.

My friend gave me this book because she thought I’d appreciate it (and she was very right)

The book contains questions asked to children and their responses. They really tickle me.

I created these ‘if your child draws like this=’ and then a meaning underneath an image. I created a few blank because I thought I could re-use some of the piles of images I created earlier in the project.

I then wrote some sense on the digital world and make it different every time.

blah blah blah words explanation meaning blah blah

I then did some words and had an idea to place them on the scanner and print them. Since I could not see the words through the paper, I then started to mix and ruffle them up to create strange phrases..

So far, this project has happened in 3 large chunks. I had an idea to make a zine/booklet with images and compositions from all 3 chunks, which will all together make no sense, yet alone.